BP 9-54 Dust Collection System

BP 9-54

The BlastPro BP 9-54 is BlastPro’s state of the art hepa dust collection system which is recommended for use with the BP-10 and BP-15 Super. The 1,200 CFM dust collector has 9 filters. The filters are automatically cleaned every 13 seconds. The large dust bin enables the contractor to blast for extended periods of time. The BP 9-54 also features two additional 2” vacuum inlets to allow for additional equipment such as grinders or edgers to be operated simultaneously with the dust collector. All consumable parts are compatible with Blastrac® parts..


Voltage - 460 3phase Amperage - 11.9 Full Load Amps Maximum Air Flow - 1200 cfm Maximum Static Pressure - 23 inches H2O lift Dust Bin Capacity - 259 lbs. Dimensions - 57”x35.5”x68”v Weight - 975 lbs. Power Cord Length - 75 ft. Vacuum Hose Diameter/Length - 6”x50’ Use With - BP-10 and BP 15 Super and BP 20-40 Hepa Filtration

BlastPro BP 9-54 Advantages

• The electrical box and components are engineered and constructed by a UL508A Control Panel Provider. • Has a higher cubic feet per minute air flow, holds 50% more dust, and has 3 additional filters. • The BP 9-54 uses hepa filters, has two 2” duct ports which enables simultaneous operation of additonal blasters or grinders • The dust collector can be customized to the buyer's specifications (additional duct ports or different sizes can be added) • The type W 4/4 electrical cord is the toughest and most wear resistant cord available