BlastPro BP 20-40 Modular Versatile Shotblast Cleaning System

BlastPro BP 20-40 Modular Versatile Shotblast Cleaning System

The BlastPro BP-20-40 shot blasting machine cleans steel and features modular construction that allows the machine to be dismantled and fit through a 24” manhole. The BP-20-40 has a 20” blast pattern, a 40 horsepower electric motor which results in superior cleaning performance. The BP-20-40 is the most powerful and most productive breakdown machine on the market. The BP-20-40 is ideal for cleaning floors and roofs on oil storage tanks. When used in conjunction with the BP-9-54 Steel Dust Collector (not included), it is ideal for non-skid removal on ship decks.


Production Capacity - up to 940 sq. ft. /hr
Blast Pattern - 20” Wide
Blast Type - SSPC-SP10 (Near White)
Weight: 2360 lbs. Dimensions - 64” x 27” x 70” Production - Up to 940sq. ft. / hour Blast Type - SSPC-SP10 (near white) Surface Profile - 3 mils Blast Wheel Power - 40 HP Minimum Generator Required - 75 kw Minimum Air Compressor Required - 185 cfm

BlastPro BP 20-40 Advantages

• The equipment and all wear parts are manufactured in the U.S.A and there is typically no lead time when ordering parts
• The electrical box and electrical components are engineered and constructed by a UL508A Panel Facility
• Electrical enclosures are built to NEMA 4 specifications
• The positive sealing shot valve prevents shot from leaking even when using very small shot
• The interlocking liners protect the blast housing and reduce wear
• The sliding cleanout drawer is designed to quickly and easily remove debris from the shot hopper
• The improved separation system keeps shot cleaner and increase the life of wear parts
• The high speed bearing unit contains replaceable bearings which reduces operating costs and down time
• The type W 4/4 electrical cord is the toughest and most wear resistant cord available.